How to measure the electricity provided by a solar panel on-grid

Many of us have installed a solar panel connecting it through a microinverter to a plug in our home electrical network.

In an on-grid solar system, the photovoltaic panels are connected to the utility grid.
During the day, the solar modules supply your home with electricity.

Actually this is an on-grid photovoltaic installation.

For this I used a microcrystalline solar panel and connected it to an Enphase IQ7 Microinverter.

The microinverter transforms direct current into alternating current

The problem was that after doing the installation I didn’t know how much electricity it provided , I didn’t even know if it works .
I tried to buy the specific measurement system to connect to the Enphase IQ7 microinverter, but it was very expensive.
So I installed a smart plug between the microinverter and the domestic plug to try to measure the current passing through it.

And it was effectively able to measure the electric current passing through it.

Energeeks 3.0 app

I could also connect the smart plug through WiFi to an application on my mobile phone (Energeeks 3.0) where I can see the electrical production at the moment and all the statistics of energy production.

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