Imported VirtualBox Virtualized Service does Not boot

After importing a VirtualBox Virtualized Service, sometimes it does not start and shows the following screen.

When starting, the startup.nsh shell reports us that any EFI boot file is found.

We can solve that by adding the EFI boot file path as follows, for example for a MacOs VirtualBox type the command:

bcfg boot add 0 FS3:\System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi “MacOS”

The File System could be FS0 , FS1, FS2 …. depends on your machine.

If your keyboard is not english, for example in a spanish keyboard use the following keys to type the previous command:

( ç for \) (SHIFT ñ for : ) (SHIFT ¨ for “)

Restart the virtual machine and it will run if the boot.efi path is correct.

If necessary you can delete the 0 entry by typing:

bcfg boot rm 0

We can move if necessary the order of the inputs, for example move the 0 to position 3:

bcfg boot mv 0 3

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